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Unlike a lot of entrepreneurs who tell you 'how to do it' James succeeded in helping to develop the early internet by actually building a 'real world' software company BSOFTB from scratch. His companies core product was one of the first Artificial Intelligence based designs for the evolving worldwide web which ultimately led to a successful Initial Public Offering (IPO), listing on the London Stock Markets.

He is a natural entrepreneur who is drawn to making improvements in many fields. His connection to technology, new inventions and discoveries such as Engineering CADCAM, The Internet or future faster than light technologies such as Anti-gravity or Free energy shows he is instinctively a Futurist, an Entrepreneur and Speaker who uses his new company ‘Multidimensional Creatives’ to get his knowledge out through Video based information courses, Internet, TV and Documentary Movies.

Futurist Entrepreneur

My twenty one years spent learning first hand from many worldwide thought leaders, futurists, mystics and business professionals has created an emergent path that is helping to understand the importance of our Multidimensional intelligence which was key to my success with the early internet through BsoftB [see how James' set up his company here] and has allowed so many to interact differently. This is just one of the many multidimensional levels that exist and I know that ‘faster than the speed of light’ based technologies will be the next big thing for science and engineering.

At heart I believe in thinking creatively and differently and to get new ideas out often means challenging the existing paradigms. This is how my software company operated and the result was an important development for the modern internet”

“I want to go further than ever before; to build new products and systems that give people a real chance of getting their creativity into world markets and an important part of this is to understand how our current systems work from the highest multidimensional levels. I predict that understanding the 'Faster than the Speed of Light, Multidimensions' will ultimately result in freeing up massive amounts of pent up creativity enabling the development of new technologies like Anti Gravity & Free Energy Devices. With a new exciting Human Soul based Hypothesis on Evolution, I am looking forward to designing new cultural models and systems that will get everyone into their true creativity from an early age.

“Our current projects are a series of Online Courses like 'Hidden Knowledge of the Elite' that deliver a vision of a better future and a new Global Healing Portal that is taking multidimensional healing to a new level through 'Soul Field Therapy'. I am genuinely offering new information in an age where there is so little true originality.”

James Gordon Graham

Futurist Entrepreneur

Healer & Speaker



Multidimensional Creatives was created by successful engineer and entrepreneur – James Gordon Graham – who in 2000, after listing his software company on the stockmarkets, went on to develop unique knowledge that is helping to integrate business, science & technology with Multidimensional knowledge.

”I ran ICE & BSOFTB with an understanding of 'multidimensional intelligence' that included learning some of the key healing modalities on the planet.

I predict that scientifically knowing about the Multidimensions will ultimately result in engineering new technologies like Anti Gravity, Free Energy Devices and has helped me to understand healing at a multidimensional level.

As people become awake and their mystical nature develops there is a growing dissatisfaction as more and more realise there is a better way to live - many are getting a yearning, a desire to live with a higher vibrational frequency within the purest clearest world of harmony. To achieve this we all need to raise our subtle body vibrations and get back direct access to our soul and its divine love, joy and creativity.

It’s by doing the emotional and other healing work we can achieve this which will, in turn, change our planet from the inside out. Nothing will come through fighting the outside system unless you realise the very important reflection - our external system is showing us how to heal our inner traumas and everything and everybody is a teacher to help us.

During the last 22 years, I learned many types of healing from some of the greatest teachers on the planet and found a lot of success in helping people. I became a proficient healer in many different disciplines and have since advanced this knowledge by creating my own healing modality called Soul Field Therapy

As you change your relationship to yourself and as your vibrational frequency rises your awareness motivation and behavior will change. When your awareness is more complete emotional energy flows so that it's all around the body and can be used at every level to nourish the body, spirit, intellect and awareness releasing our fullest potential as a creative human. Never underestimate your core emotional based light energy stored in your soul, it’s the greatest energy source you possess

Check out James' course 'Hidden Knowledge of the Elite' and his new Soul Field Therapy  healing modality through a new Global Healing Portal here




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James Gordon Graham

James is a Futurist and Motivational Speaker for many types of events.

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