James Gordon Graham

Hidden Knowledge of the Elite


“My Current Projects are designed to deliver new Theories and Technologies based on Multidimensional Knowledge."


Film and ResearchProjects

James is creating multidimensional movies and documentaries based on the many dimensions of consciousness.

They are designed around ideas and technologies that will usher in a new era for mankind.

His current Film is genuinely offering an accurate Evolutionary view of the Human Soul and Humanities future.



Black Hole Technologies

James is working closely with Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton to develop her exciting theory on the creative power of Black Holes. Called 'The Black Hole Principle' they are using this to design a number of theories and technologies.

Understanding the creative power of Black Holes will show why Water, Oil and Coal has been found in outer space and enable the development of new black hole based technologies that will predict Weather Systems, understand the creation process of Rain + Lightening and predict the activities of Volcanoes.

Additional technologies will be made from the 'Black Hole Principle' that will use different types of Black Holes to create many Elements as well as engineering Anti Gravity & Free Energy type Devices.


On-Line Courses

Inside his on-line courses a new exciting Human Soul based Hypothesis on Evolution has been developed.

Firstly, James shows from the perspective of the Elite how hidden knowledge is used to create our current societies and systems  from very deep levels of consciousness - the truth is absolutely staggering when understood.

Importantly you will learn techniques and information that will enable you to obtain a multidimensional perspective.


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SOUL Field Therapy
"Doing SFT - it’s like getting 20 years of therapy in a couple of hours!  For me, it was an awakening that was totally unexpected." KF

You will be shown how to Access the Hidden Realms and kickstart your healing process through 5 workshops that access your Soul Emotional records.

Soul Field Therapy one - The core. Getting to deep current emotional issues. This could be triggered by stress, abuse while young, austerity, censorship, authority figures and more

Soul Field Therapy two - accessing emotions stuck in the body kickstarting the healing process

Soul Field Therapy three - Past life Emotions. These are the deepest that you carry between incarnations

Soul Field Therapy four (advanced) Accessing your life between lives. How you set up your incarnations

Soul Field Therapy five - Raising your Kundalini Energy

This can all ultimately lead to kick starting your healing process making room for you to access the multidimensions


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