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We start your personal transformational journey by going deeply into the Hidden Knowledge of the Elite through an easy to use series of modules containing videos & information.

You are offered an opportunity to understand how the Elite operate from business & finance to the hidden realms and importantly you will learn techniques and information that will enable you to obtain a real world and multidimensional perspective that will change your life.

You may understand some of the conspiracy world - but what is next? There are many who are exposing the hidden truth but no one is providing cutting edge multidimensional knowledge with real solutions that give you the ability to regain your power, your real freedom - to understand what it takes to heal and develop real answers to moving our society forward.

You will finally get the answers as to what you can do about the Elite and others who are manipulating society.

James speaks of his journey from businessman to mystic and will reveal a glimpse of the future - how we are breaking through to something many of you will not have expected.

This online course compellingly shows you a cutting edge view of how the Elite really manipulate the world. Finally, someone is giving us answers as to how we can move away from this and how we are individually and collectively growing our consciousness. It's a Transformational Journey that will ultimately give you insights into a deep truth about emotional energy and its evolutionary role that is connected to our souls.

What has been hidden will be revealed and you will be given videos and exercises explaining the Multidimensional knowledge that is currently used by the ancient Mystery Schools. It is something you may want to use positively for your own business and personal development instead of the negative way that it is used by many of the Elite.

The deeper it goes the more it becomes intuitive, You will ultimately get real insights into how to free yourself from the many systems that you are probably not aware of, and how all this is helping to develop our individual and collective consciousness.

Included are many videoed workshops and exercises that will help you regain your inner power through this unique hidden knowledge.

 Multidimensional Creatives


Welcome to James Gordon Graham's 'Multidimensional Creatives' where you will find unique Online Courses and Documentary Movies that are about increasing your personal creativity and knowledge.

Course 1. Hidden Knowledge of the ELite

Course 2. Access to the Hidden Realms

Course 3. CEO2CEO - A masterclass

You will be able to take back your inner power from the techniques James learned after travelling the world for 21 years.

James is a successful British Engineer and Entrepreneur who used new principles to successfully run his software company that went on to pioneer the first APP running on the Cloud. This led to a successful listing on the London Stock Markets after which he went on to develop unique knowledge that is helping to integrate Business Technology, Mysticism and Emotional Healing.

From a business perspective James shows why only a few people make it and moves past the Elite and Banking conspiracies to provide you with real solutions that will increase your business creativity and personal development as well as tackling some of the bigger multidimensional questions for society.

Course 1

Hidden Knowledge of the Elite

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This new course is exclusively for those who want to develop their own multidimensional consciousness and this often starts with real healing. James offers a comprehensive course that will open you further to the hidden realms through many psychic and healing exercises. It is the next step in your awakening.

"I am calling the 33 module course 'ACCESS TO THE HIDDEN REALMS' and will be released later this year."

"After we pioneered APPS running on the Cloud in the early nineties, I travelled the world learning from many thought leaders and mystics. I was taught hidden Mystery School teachings and had many Healing experiences. Through this I have developed many unique theories that explain how you can heal yourself, develop your multidimensional awareness, understand how business really works and ultimately how humanity evolves over many lifetimes. I'm really excited to be able to share this knowledge with you."


James Gordon Graham



Course 2

Access to the Hidden Realms


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