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We start your personal transformational journey by going deeply into the Hidden Knowledge of the Elite through an easy to use series of modules containing videos & information.

You are offered an opportunity to understand how the elite operate from business to the hidden realms and importantly you will learn techniques and information that will enable you to obtain a world perspective that will change your life.

If you want to positively change things more globally on the planet, having this information on the Elite is the start you need to get the multidimensional perspective that is vital for you.

"At the end of the dot com era as Founder & CEO James used the principles of emotional transformation to create an international software company and list it on the stock markets. He found these principles also led him to multidimensional, mystical experiences. Since leaving the business world, he has journeyed the globe learning powerful techniques along the way. In 2003, he had a vision that would change his life - He actually saw the human soul. At first he thought this vision was common, but by studying ancient texts and modern science he realised that very few people have actually described or understood this phenomenon. Significantly it has revealed hidden knowledge about our evolutionary process that is known by only a few people.  

James' online courses compellingly show you how to individually and collectively grow your consciousness. Its a Transformational Journey that will give you real insights into a deep truth about emotional energy and its evolutionary role that is connected to our souls.

What has been hidden will be revealed and you will be given videos and exercises explaining Multidimensional knowledge that you will be able to use for your own development."

The deeper it goes the more it becomes intuitive, You will ultimately get real insights into how to free yourself from the many systems that you are probably not aware of, and how this is all ultimately helping us develop human consciousness.

Included are many videoed workshops and exercises that will help you regain your inner power through this unique hidden knowledge.

 Multidimensional Creatives


James Gordon Graham is a successful British engineer and entrepreneur who in 2001, after listing his software company on the stock market, went on to develop unique knowledge that is helping to integrate Science, Mysticism and Technology. He reveals never seen before theories on the evolutionary development of human consciousness.

In his amazingly unique courses, he outlines mystical, business and scientific information never seen before, including world-exclusive diagrams and footage of the light of the soul, and the science behind how we develop our individual consciousness. He speaks of his journey from businessman to mystic and will reveal a glimpse of the future and how we are breaking through to an advanced civilization, a future that is inspirational for us all.

James' first course is learning about the unique 'Hidden knowledge of the Elite'. Through this, for the first time, you will truly be able to take back your inner power and develop your multidimensional awareness.

Course 1

Hidden Knowledge of the Elite

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Click video to see why Multidimensional Creatives is different

Click video to see why the Course is different



This new course is about shifting your reality by shifting yourself. Its exclusively for those who want to know how to develop their own multidimensional consciousness and open themselves further to the hidden realms. It has many psychic and spiritual exercises that are designed for those who are wanting to take the next step in their awakening.

I am calling the 33 module course 'ACCESS TO THE HIDDEN REALMS' and will be released later this year.



"After we helped pioneer Cloud Computing in the early nineties I travelled the world for 16 years learning from many thought leaders and mystics. I have developed an unique new theory about our evolutionary process and I'm really excited to be able to share this knowledge with you."



James Gordon Graham