Course 1

Hidden Knowledge of the Elite



Course 1

Hidden Knowledge of the Elite



This course will go deeply into the hidden knowledge of the elite through an easy to use series of modules containing videos & information. You will get secret knowledge that has been kept from the public detailing how the 1% have built their dynasties over thousands of years and how they currently use their secret hidden knowledge to not only maintain the differentials in income but how they control vast areas of the planet.

We cover why they are losing their power base and need to keep our societies under a stricter control system, something that is becoming more intrusive every year. How do less than 1% get to own the majority of the worlds wealth and what is the real reason the middle classes are disappearing?

I interacted with many of these Elite people, (including the Queens personal investment team), when I launched my software company on the Stockmarkets which has enabled me to give you unique levels of detail you will not find from any other source.

What has been hidden will be revealed, and you will be given multidimensional and spiritual knowledge that has been reserved in the past for the great mystery schools, secret societies, royalty and top business leaders. It will enable you to understand the big picture of how everything is linked and how easy it is for a top few to control the population.

I show how the Elite have set up their great Systems including the Central Banks, Worldwide Stockmarkets, Secret Societies, Governments and hierarchical control systems. This includes why war is so important to them, their link to the gods, their Multidimensional Spiritual Knowledge and even details such as what the Stockmarkets had to do with 9-11.

I am really excited to bring this information to you because nobody is tying these together so comprehensively. Only by deeply understanding what they do at these levels can we start to change things positively.

The deeper it goes the more it becomes intuitive, you will get real insights into how to accelerate the design of new frameworks for your personal life by understand how emotional energy is key to your evolutionary growth, as well as the wider picture of Conscious Commerce, Finance, Science, Law and Education which will lay the foundations for a new highly conscious civilisation.

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This new course is exclusively for those who want to know how to develop their own consciousness and open themselves further to the hidden realms. It has many psychic and spiritual exercises that are designed for those who are wanting to take the next step in their awakening. I am calling the 33 module course 'ACCESS TO THE HIDDEN REALMS'



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