Unleashing Creativity Ep1 – 1 Hour

“Does Education Kill Creativity” looks at our education system and how it can be improved. We interview a number of cultural creatives who explain how education tried to kill their creativity.

 Additionally two x-prison convicts explain the link between being ignored by teachers and turning to crime. Coming full circle they explain how they have finally found their creativity..

Unleashing Creativity Ep2 – 1 Hour

“A Multidimensional Picture” looks at the inner London world of hostels‍‍‍ and why children as young as 8 end up running drug‍‍‍s across London.. Also how education is failing so many and why  establishment figures who have multidimensional knowledge can influence the population through war.

Unleashing Creativity Ep3 – 1 Hour

“Crimes Against Humanity” with Kevin Annett looks at the way Aboriginal children in Canada were forcibly abducted by the Catholic Church & State then tortured, with many killed.. Ep3 investigates the evil reason why this happened. a‍‍‍nd how Kevin has created a Common Law court that has succeeded in getting attention to the case resulting in an apology from the new Prime Minister of Canada.. Contains disturbing information.

Unleashing Creativity Ep4 – 1 Hour

“A New Business Leadership” We interview three pioneering consultants who are looking to improve the way businesses are run from a more conscious level.


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