The Black Hole Principle

Going beyond the Perception Horizon - faster than the speed of light. Dr MANJIR SAMANTA-LAUGHTON describes 'The Essence of the Black Hole Prin‍‍‍ciple' a new Physics theory that offers an alternative to the Big Bang. This will form the basis of a new physics that will give Engineers the downstream knowledge to design the likes of FREE ENERGY Systems and Levitation devices.


Dr Samanta-Laughton at Origins 2014

Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton explains the science of Black Holes and how this effects the origins of mankind. With water now observed coming out of Black Holes this has again validated her predictions that balckholes are creative and water is just one of the many elements formed from their core. Her Black Hole Principle theory has made many more predictions that have come true.

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AV7 Alternative View Conference 2016

Tax Havens ... and the Secret M‍‍‍ultidimensionalKnowledge of the Ruling Parasites

James Gordon Graham

With all the current intrigue on tax havens James explains how easy it is to set up your own tax haven. He will describe how The City of London is a city within a city and one of the world’s major tax havens. Due to his experience of listing his software company on the London Stockmarkets he explains why he met the Queen’s personal investment team. Also, what are the secret workings of the stockmarkets and the link they had with 9-11?‍‍‍

James will cover how Royalty & other 0.0000000001% keep control in dynasties that last thousands of years and why their secret multidimensional knowledge is the key that keeps them owning the vast majority of the world’s wealth and infrastructure.In addition he will show you how you can develop these abilities yourself.


James Gordon Graham BA (Hons), MSc. Entrepreneur, Film Maker & Futurist.

James Gordon Graham is a revolutionary entrepreneur, filmmaker and futurist. With a background in design engineering he became the founder and CEO of software company BSoftB which floated on the stockmarket in the year 2000. He has won numerous business awards including the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year and the Manchester Evening News Best Prospect award. His company was one of the first to develop an internet-based Artificial Intelligence architecture that is still in use today. Since leaving the company he has explored the reality of the financial system and why so much of the world’s wealth lies in the hands of so few people as well as experiencing multidimensional realities with spiritual teachers and thought leaders. His TV show, Unleashing Creativity was broadcast on the TPV channel and he is currently working on numerous film projects. He is packaging his knowledge into a number of online courses that can show you how to access multidimensional knowledge to help boost your creativity as well as internet tools that help you take charge of your financial destiny. For more about James see: www.multidimensionalcreatives.com and for his previous CEO company information see: http://jamesgordongraham.pagecloud.com/bsoftb

James is available for TV, Radio & Public Speaking  contact;  [email protected]

The Truth about Trident and the Hidden Knowledge of the Elite

New Horizons Oct 2016

James gives an alternative view about the vast amounts of money used with the Trident Nuclear Submarine program. He outlines the true cost to humanity when we design Weapons of Mass Destruction and what it would take to design Levitation and Free Energy devices instead.

He outlines how Tesla brought designs down from the multidimensions and how our education system could be teaching people these skills.

James also gives a candid view of multidimensional knowledge, something kept by only a few. Also what the elite doing with the gods, the hu‍‍‍man soul‍‍‍ and how have they put in place hierarchical systems to control humanity.

His message is ultimately a positive one -  "its about the real growth of human consciousness and how we do this through many lifetimes."



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