Unleashing Creativity

Unleashing Creativity  –  Part of the first ever live internet tv channel ‘The Peoples Voice’, Unleashing Creativity became a popular show that was aired in 2012. 

This episode looks at Leadership in Business.

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‘Course 1   -   Hidden Knowledge of the Elite’

Punk Science Movie Trailer

The Punk Science Movie  interviews some of the top thought leaders and scientists in the world for a ground breaking movie (yet to be released) that goes deeply into the science of black holes and your personal development. 

Who knew the next big thing would be you going multidimensional.

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HOA Conspiracy Show,  Canada

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 Multidimensional Creatives


Welcome to James Gordon Graham's 'Multidimensional Creatives' where you will find unique Documentary Movies and Online Courses;

* Hidden Knowledge of the Elite

* Access to‍‍‍ t‍‍‍he Hidden Realms

* Inspiring Personal & Business Creativity

James is a successful British Engineer and Entrepreneur who used new multidimensional principles to successfully run his software company that pioneered the first APP running on the Cloud. After starting with no money, it led to creating part of the early internet followed by a successful listing on the London Stock Markets.

In 1966, following a deep passion to understand the multidimensions he started a journey that would change his life. He has travelled the world for 21 years developing unique knowledge that has resulted in two world firsts; how emotional energy actually heals and after seeing the human SOUL a new hypothesis on the way we evolve in consciousness.

James integrates Multidimensional Science & Technology with Emotional Healing and Personal Creativity giving an exciting new understanding of our evolution in consciousness.

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"After we pioneered APPS running on the Cloud in the early nineties, I travelled the world learning from many thought leaders and mystics.

I was taught hidden teachings and had many Healing experiences. Through new types of technology I show you how you can develop your multidimensional awareness, heal and develop your creativity. I ultimately show a new hypothesis on humanities evolutionary cycle based on the evolution of consciousness.

I'm really excited to be able to share this knowledge with you."



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This new course is exclusively for those who want to develop their own multidimensional consciousness. This often starts with real healing and James offers a comprehensive course that starts with understanding how to heal through many of the exercises he was taught as he travelled the world. Then, through many psychic exercises you will learn how to open to the hidden realms . It is the next step in your awakening.

"I am calling the 33 module course 'ACCESS TO THE HIDDEN REALMS' and will be released in 201‍‍‍8."


‍‍‍Course 2

Access to the Hidden Realms


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